My pets drawings are a unique and special way to immortalize your furry friend. With my skill and passion for art, I create custom artwork that reflects the beauty and personality of each pet.

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Dogs: Millie, Lady and Charlie

My first clients a couple, asked me to draw one of their dogs, Lady. Once I delivered it, I could see the sparkle in their eyes and how they became emotional when they saw it. Shortly after, they asked me to draw their other two dogs, Millie and Charlie, who had already passed away. Although the owner was sad by the loss of their beloved pets, my drawings helped them remember their furry friends and keep them close to their hearts. For me, seeing how my drawings can make a small difference in people’s lives is something very valuable and meaningful.

Cat: Millie

This drawing was for a birthday present. I was asked by Melissa’s fiancé, who is the owner of the cat “Millie”, this request was sent from Spain to England.
She loved the gift and has it on display in her room.

Dog: Tida

A client and friend of my parents who has known him for a long time, saw my artwork and asked me to draw his dog Tida. All though the drawing was quite challenging with many details and shadows to capture, I managed to complete it successfully. I am very pleased with the final result and the client was delighted with it as well. It’s rewarding to know that my art can bring joy and satisfaction to those who appreciate it.

Dog: Frankie

This is a client who I never met in person, but found me through my advertising. He was very kind in his communication by email and sent me a beautiful photo of his dog, Frankie. I enjoyed working on this drawing, as it allowed me to improve and pay more attention to the details. I can definitely say that it’s one of my best drawings. This order was sent to England, as the client traveled back to his country. Fortunately, the client was very happy with the result, which makes me very happy.

My other personal dog: Doggy

This drawing was very special to me, as I made it while she was still alive. Sadly, she passed away a few months later, but I’m glad I was able to capture a beautiful photo of her and make a drawing to have a memory of her for life. Knowing that my art can help people remember their furry loved ones is something very valuable and significant to me.

Dogs: Lucky and Estrella

Sonia, who is the mother of a friend of mine (also called Sonia), one day happened to pass by my father’s workshop. He showed her some of my drawings exhibited there and Sonia fell in love with them. At that moment, she decided to immortalize her two dogs, Lucky and Estrella. This drawing was a birthday present for Sonia´s partner.

Dog: Nara

Dubi, who was my co-worker in the past, realized that I was drawing pets when she saw some of my drawings displayed in the Trinidad bar. After a while, she decided that she wanted me to draw her dog Nara for her.

Dog: Patrón

Pedro is a very good friend of the family and he is Argentine. At one point, he decided to return to the country and was away for a few years, but then he decided to return to Spain. When we met again, he told me that he had seen my work on Facebook and that he loved how it captured the essence of pets. Therefore, he asked me to draw his dog, Patrón.